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Helicopter Ride Kauai


Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, having formed over 5 million years ago. Having had the most time for waves, wind, and water to carve the landscape into artful forms; therefore, Kauai is home to diverse and beautiful natural wonders. The old lava, which is rich in iron, has rusted over time, creating scenic red rocks. From valleys and canyons to beaches and coastlines, there are many amazing sights to see. Below are just some of the amazing tour highlights that can be viewed on our tours. And some of these sights can only be seen from the air!




Hanalei Valley

Hanalei Valley is located in the northern part of Kauai and is featured in the beginning of Jurassic Park. It is a beautiful, lush valley. Taro is grown in Hanalei valley, which is a traditional staple food grown in Hawaii. Over 70% of Hawaii’s taro production occurs in Kauai. It is a starchy root and thrives in the valley due to the high rainfall. Hanalei Valley is also home to countless waterfalls and a great place for spotting beautiful rainbows.

Hanalei Valley


Mount Waialeale

Olekele Canyon

Olekele Canyon is owned by the Robinson family who own about 14% of Kauai. The land is private, but it cannot be sold or developed. At the back of Olekele Canyon is Mount Waialeale, with an elevation of 5,148 it is the wettest place on Kauai, getting about 400 inches of rain per year. Since this location receives rain almost every day, the top of the mountain is usually clouded over and the only way to get to it is by air.


Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is part of a state park with a scenic drive, several lookouts, and hiking trails. The beautiful rust-colored cliffs against the green, lush plants create beautiful backdrops. There are several waterfalls throughout Waimea Canyon including Waipo’o Falls an 800-foot cascading waterfall.





These are just some of the highlights that you will get to experience on our tours. And hearing about them is nothing like experiencing them first hand! Here is what some guests have to say about their experience:


“Great experience. The pilot had flown close to mountains and shore lines to get the clear visibility of plantations, waterfalls. The ground staff was very friendly and nice. It is worth the money and highly recommend to others.” - vijinara

“This helicopter tour was surreal! The beauty of this island is breathtaking! The whole crew was incredible, from our pilot Adam to the guy at the front Kyle. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!” - Felicia M

“Everything about this tour was amazing. The service was excellent, the pilot was professional, he showed us all beautiful places of the island, flying in between the mountains isles was really amazing, so many waterfalls. Na Pali coast is a one of a kind, amazing! amazing! Highly recommend this tour, a flight of a lifetime. Thanks so much to all of the crew.” - Hanh L

“The ride was fun and the views were incredible! The pilot did some cool close ups near one mountain. The staff was super friendly and professional. I think the 1 hour was just long enough, and it was the best part of my trip!” - Vanessa S

Kauai Helicopter Tours

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