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Worth every penny - a Hawai'i highlight!!

CB Out There Bear - October 30, 2023

Our holiday to Hawai'i was to celebrate my 50th and our 25th anniversary so this helicopter trip was a real treat and we might not have blown that much money if it wasn't for the occasion. My gosh, I am so glad we did. It was a big ticket item for us but it was worth every single penny. This was one of the single most amazing things we did in our 3 week holiday. It was absolutely spectacular!! (We're a family of 2 adults and a 13 YO.) The check-in was super professional and easygoing whilst still going through the usual safety requirements - all the ground staff were lovely and put us at ease. Adam our pilot was so great. Acknowledging that he must do a few flights a day and go through the same schtick, he was so friendly and informative. I was a bit nervous leading up to the flight. Being the birthday girl and the right weight, I was lucky enough to be at the open door. As soon as we took off I didn't have a moment to be scared. The views were just so stunning and mind-blowing. Hand on heart, I was so blown away and emotional that I was on the verge of tears for the whole flight. When we alighted the chopper, I burst into tears as I was so overcome!!
Doors Off, Kauai Air Helicopter Flight

Douglas H - October 29, 2023

Unbelievable experience, a beautiful cloudless 8 AM flight over the island of Kauai. Check-in was easy with the help of the friendly front desk staff. Our pilot, Vince Carter, made sure to give us multiple angles, views of each point of interest. This flight resulted in memories that will last a lifetime. We highly recommend this excursion. Well worth the cost.
Perfect day

Stuart D - October 27, 2023

Steve’s a great pilot - funny and informative. Awesome. Great views and smooth ride! Professional staff
An absolutely beautiful and unforgettable experience!

Susan K - October 26, 2023

Due to weather conditions, our tour was canceled twice. Staff worked very hard to find a third date that would work for us. We were able to go the last day of our vacation which made the experience even better as we could identify some areas we had visited from the air. Pilot Kelby was very good at explaining what we were seeing, the history, geology and ongoing preservation efforts on Kauai. It was a breathtaking experience as Kelby took us into the interior of Kauai where only goats, birds and plants can live. I was nervous to begin with as I had never experienced helicopter flight before but very quickly Kelby helped me forget my nervousness as he pointed out all of what is the beauty and unique nature of the island. He used a very nice sound track to enhance our experience. We will never forget this amazing tour with Air Kauai Helicopters!
It was a blast.

Michael K - October 25, 2023

We had a great time. Enjoyed the people who work at Doors Off. Do not miss this trip when you go to Kauai.
Best Experience Ever!!!! Kawaui Rocks!!!

Jacqueline Z - October 20, 2023

It was an amazing experience. We loved it!!! The pilot was so knowledgeable. I highly recommend it!!!!
Awesome Experience!

Thom R - October 17, 2023

What an amazing check it off of your bucket list. This is well worth the price. The staff was super friendly and helpful. A big thank you to our awesome Pilot & tour guide Adam. He has a great play list to go along with the trip. Highly recommend the Doors Off tour. About a 45-50 minute adventure.
A must go when visiting Kauai!

Kira N - October 14, 2023

Air Kauai was an awesome experience I’ll never forget! Tyren, Shanden and Cass were the best. Check-in was a breeze, watched a safety video then loaded up and went down to the heliport got a brief run down and then off we went on an adventure of a life time! Steve the pilot was super nice and his tour was amazing! As a Kauai resident I thought I seen it all but you’ll definitely want to take a helicopter tour of Kauai! I will definitely go again if I get a chance! Much Mahalo Air Kauai!
Best experience ever!

Melisa C - October 13, 2023

Absolutely amazing!!! Our pilot was so knowledgeable and great. Cassie is a rock star! Ladies with longer hair….braid!!!
Breathtaking experience!

Emelie W - October 12, 2023

One of the best experiences in my whole life! Thrilling, exciting, breathtaking views and the crew + Steve our pilot/guide was so amazing!!