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Must do tour!

Steve B - December 28, 2022

This is a must do. You would be missing out on most of the island if you didn’t do this tour. As many are, we were a bit nervous going in a helicopter but our pilot Nicky Rotor was awesome at making everyone feel calm, safe and showed us an awesome time. Doors off was the only way to go to see unobstructed views of every hot spot on the island
Perfect Way to See Kauai!

Gina - December 22, 2022

This was a fantastic experience! We had a group of 6 ranging from late 60s to teens. We had a great time. The views were unbelievable! The pilot, Nick, was excellent. Great communication from the company. This is a must do to truly see and experience Kauai.
Don't hesitate to book- amazing experience

Kat W - December 21, 2022

Hands down my favorite experience in Kauai, and Kauai was magical--so that's saying a lot! This helicopter ride gave me goosebumps and just felt so surreal while we were up there. Definitely recommend this experience and I think it's totally worth the price.
OMG it was amazing

Rob R - December 17, 2022

I was a little hesitant to do it but so glad we did I will never forget it. You have to see the island like this. Magical. We had two people afraid of height's but they did fine
Awesome Experience

Shane C - December 15, 2022

We did the doors off entire island tour. Very professional, Awesome Perspective of the island. I wish the pilot would have slowed down around the waterfalls. Other than that, absolutely awesome and worth the money
An experience of a lifetime!

Angela - December 13, 2022

Kelby was our pilot and his skills were out of this world! The ride was smooth. He went into the valley and right up to the waterfalls for both sides of the chopper to view it all close up. The soundtrack was the frosting on the cake. We purchased the video and have relived this incredible experience several times with friends/family. By removing the doors, it felt like we were truly experiencing nature.

Mark h - December 9, 2022

Great time! Very exciting ride. Saw all the sights! Loads of water falls and got to go into the wai ale ale crater. We were really banking on buying the video of the trip but somehow the camera wasn’t working (we found out at the end :( ). Luckily I had some great shots. This trip was worth every penny!!

Connector583662 - December 5, 2022

Our pilot was amazing. His name was Nicky. He was extremely nice and very knowledgeable. The flight was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. The flight and the scenery was breathtaking. I was in the front seat and sat on the outside. If your thinking about doing this and you don’t want to spend the money, I highly suggest you do it anyway. After the flight you’ll forget about how much you spent and want to do it again the next day.
Trip of a lifetime.

Grant G - December 4, 2022

Well worth the money, our pilot Kelby got us up close and personal with the island and did a great job of teaching us the history of Kauai. You can tell he loves what he does for a living. If you are trying to decide if you should do the boat ride up the coast or a helicopter ride of the island, spend the extra money and you won't regret it. The whole team at Air Kauai was great.
Unique Views of Kauai

Chad - November 30, 2022

We got to sit in the front two seats next to the pilot which gave absolutely breathtaking views. Our pilot took us to incredible spots that most visitors would never get to see, all from a unique vantage point. He had a great soundtrack playing in our headsets and gave us informative background on what we were seeing. He made sure that passengers on each side of the helicopter get a chance to see everything. The lack of doors on the helicopter gave perfect opportunities for photos without having to take them through a window. They are simply stunning!