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Such a fun experience!

Galactic Steve - June 27th, 2022

Adam took us on a doors-off tour around the island. Such a fun experience! I couldn't stop grinning from the time I sat down. Stunning views. If a heli tour has ever crossed your mind do it here. The whole staff was super friendly and very serious about safety. Book it!
Beautiful Tour

Clarise S - June 27th, 2022

Had an incredible time flying over Kauai. The pilot made me feel very safe and his narration was top notch. The views were incredible and so cool to see parts of the island that are not accessible. Well worth the cost.
Highly recommend

Nicholas H - June 26th, 2022

Amazing way to see Kauai. Adam was a great pilot. Nice soundtrack and great commentary about the island. Beautiful views of the island. Always felt safe throughout the flight. If you are prone to motion sickness take some Dramamine beforehand. I highly recommend this tour, well worth the money.
Great experience!

Mick Hill - June 25th, 2022

Great experience! Accommodated our family of 4 with two young kids. Would fly with them again.
Had a blast!

Christian - June 25th, 2022

We loved our doors-off trip. Great experience with a friendly team at Kauai Air. Our pilot was super informative and had a great, friendly attitude.
Our Epic helicopter tour was an absolute highlight.

Eric Ruis - June 29th, 2022

Our Epic helicopter tour was an absolute highlight. Adam showed us the most beautiful places in Kauai while enjoying music to match. Thanks to his comments, we now also know where Jurassic Park was shot. Napali coast is so amazing from the air and the beaches look unbelievably beautiful. Thank you Air Kauai and Adam for this extraordinary experience! ps. We were happy that there were doors in the helicopter. You sometimes fly through rain and that didn't seem pleasant without doors.
Kauai Air helicopter tour

Taylor G - June 20th, 2022

Such a cool experience!! As someone who’s grown up in Hawai’i my whole life it was really cool to see Kauai from this perspective. The flight was really smooth and check-in & check-out was quick and easy.
The most cathartic moment you will ever spend on the island of Kauai.

Giles H - June 19th

Hands down the best hour I have ever EVER spent while on vacation, words can’t explain how utterly amazing this experience is…but I’ll try. Even if you are only just a little adventurous, this is one of those cathartic moments in life, flying in the wide open Hawaiian air with no doors on the helicopter & being splashed by the water from a waterfall…is simply awesome.
Doors off helicopter tour

Christine Y - June 17th, 2022

Our doors off helicopter tour was an amazing experience we would do again in a second. Kelby was a great pilot. He showed us his favorite parts of the island and everything we saw was amazing beyond words!

Ronak P - June 14th, 2022

Pilot was very knowledgeable and took us to all around Kauai. We saw lot of different scenic places including beautiful waterfalls and flew over the highest mountain