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Anna K - October 11, 2023

It was amazing!! To 120% I would do this again. Our Pilot Adam did such a good job. I was a little bit afraid of the hights than Adam talked to me and has calmed me down. The views and experiences are unforgettable. All the money was worth it!!
Definitely recommend

Chris D - October 9, 2023

So professional! And so fun! Steve was our pilot and did an amazing job of narrating our trip. We saw everything! Can’t say enough good. The ground crew guys were awesome. Safety was definitely the focus. And, if you’re lucky, the Poulsbo Viking Queen from 2013 might check you in (inside joke - LOL). Will for sure recommend Air Kauai!!!
Breathtaking, one of the best experiences ever

toolmanntadgh - October 2, 2023

Absolutely amazing, this doors-off flight was the highlight of our two week holiday in Hawaii - and that is saying something! Nothing can prepare you for the immensity of the landscape, particularly flying into the Mount Waialeale crater where there are waterfalls in every direction falling an immense distance. The canyon, the Napali coast, and so much more. 45 mins was the perfect length. Our pilot Adam Chase was professional and his commentary was very interesting.
Doors off helicopter ride..first for both of us

Kojak1961 - September 30, 2023

Steve was a great pilot and humorous. The doors off made it all the more exciting. The scenery was spectacular and the narrative was just as good
One of the most thrilling, awe-inspiring experiences of my life

Marc L - September 26, 2023

The morning of my last day in Kauai, I called up Air Kauai and asked if they had any openings. I hadn't booked anything yet because helicopters make me nervous and the island of Kauai doesn't have the best safety record when it comes to helicopter tours. The microclimates of the island can put even extremely experienced pilots into risky situations unexpectedly. On the other hand, I used to be a pilot, I love flying, and I've always dreamed of taking a helicopter tour of Kauai. Even with roads and hiking trails, most of the island is inaccessible from the ground. There's no better way to see and experience the full island than from the air. Air Kauai had a "doors off" tour available, and even though I'm quite afraid of heights, I said yes. Well, I didn't regret it. It was an mind-blowing experience. The island is absolutely stunning. It reminded of me of my experiences seeing the Grand Canyon and the Swiss Alps in person: photos capture the beauty and colors of the landscape, but they can't capture the awe-inspiring immensity of what you see in person. You have to see it in person to truly appreciate it, and once you do, you'll never forget what it felt like to see it. The tour is 45 minutes long, which felt like just the right amount of time. You get to see a wide variety of the island and it doesn't feel rushed at all. I was really impressed with Air Kauai's operations. It felt like a really well-oiled machine. They were well staffed, everyone clearly knew what they were doing. The pre-flight briefing was detailed. The preparation and boarding process was well thought-out, clearly communicated, and done with precision. At no point was a nervous that they were playing fast & loose with anything. Our pilot Kelby, who has been doing these tours for a long time, was a great guide. Prior to these tours he'd done a lot of low-level flying work. Knowing that beforehand gave me a lot more confidence in his ability to safely navigate the tour. Once they put the seatbelts on me, I barely moved and I noticed halfway into the flight that my feet were absolutely glued to the floor. Somehow the thrill and beauty of it all kept me from going into a full panic attack when the copter would bank and the seatbelt was the only thing keeping me from falling out. If you can stomach it and don't mind taking the legitimate risk, I'd highly recommend the experience. The doors off option certainly makes it scarier, but it's pretty incredible to see the island with your own eyes and not through a worn, plexiglass window.
Incredible Views and A+ Experience

Peter W - September 25, 2023

The entire process was so smooth. The check-in and waiting area was comfortable and the staff was friendly. We had so-so weather (it is Hawai’i after all) and the trip still felt very safe, beautiful, and worth the time and money. We had Steve as a pilot and he was both informative and entertaining. This was very nice given the onboard radio was one-way communication. Steve was also an excellent pilot. It felt like he has spent more time flying a helicopter than driving a car in his lifetime! The doors of aspect of the flight really made a difference. There was no glare in our photos and we still felt very safe the whole time. I personally was in a middle seat and did not feel that impeded my visibility or experience.
Doors Off Helicopter Tour of Kauai

Grashika S - September 21, 2023

This was one of the exciting tours, the captain was amazing and very knowledgeable and he made sure all the passengers are safe and comfortable. A must when you visit Kauai 🥳🥳🥳
Doors Off

Greg V - September 21, 2023

The pilot was great. Got us in close to the spectacular scenery coupled by get music. Doors off was a little scary at first but it’s the only way to go.
Our Hawaiian adventure

Bryan R - September 20, 2023

Great pilot that took us to all the best places and had the best music. Office staff were very polite and professional.
Best Experience Ever

Rylee G - September 19, 2023

The experience we had with them was one to remember. my first time on a helicopter and now i want one of my own. Adam was such an amazing pilot and made sure to fill us in on all facts and details throughout the flight. well worth the money and then some!