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Amazing flight!

Susan Bromm - June 12th, 2022

Nick was a great pilot!! It was an absolutely amazing flight and tour! I tend to get motion sickness but all went well. It was smooth with a few spots of expected bumps! We got to see the whole island and even had a rainbow!!!
Magical Helicopter Tour

Marcelina C - June 9th, 2022

We had a great time on our Doors Off Air Kauai Helicopter Tour, all three couples guaranteed an edge seat, but honestly, the views were just as good for those one seat in. It was a glorious experience skimming the majestic peaks of the sharp, descending mountains surrounding the lush, green valleys, a total eye soak of places one could never reach otherwise. The trip further enhanced by the well chosen music played through headphones that accentuated the experience. The coastline views were magical...the varying shades of blue against the rugged drama of the white sand beaches and rugged peaks...just beautiful. I hope that in my lifetime I get another chance to do this again!
Best helicopter option overall

LynnzTDog - June 8th, 2022

Best pics with doors off. No reflections or glare. Adam Chase - awesome pilot - very competent, informative, headsets made him easy to hear & understand, super relaxed - does this all day, every day - amazing that he still keeps it fresh and still loves flying. Air Kauai support staff & ground crew were great. Jackets, goggles & headsets provided.
Totally worth it

Emily C - June 7th, 2022

Very informative and exciting! Take some anti nausea pills if you are prone to motion sickness as some of the angles are intense like heading straight towards the ocean or hovering at a sheer cliffside. Our pilot Adam was first class- knowledgeable and fun. Buy the video recording at the end. It's totally worth it as at times it was challenging to take photos with the glare or helicopter parts in the way.
Best time on the Islands

tim W - June 4th, 2022

Professional and kind, not to mention the most spectacular view of Kauai possible!! Our pilot Kelvy was awesome, great flight and perfect narration. Best experience ever
Fantastic views

melissahous2n - May, 2022

Absolutely the best helicopter ride on island and narrated very well good choice in music. Professional staff that were friendly and beautiful waiting area, van and chopper.
Absolute Way To See The Island in Less Than 1 Hour

TeeGal63 - May, 2022

No words can explain the AMAZING experience we had! Our pilot, Kelby, helped in making this adventure unforgettable by giving us information of everything we could see. My husband and I are beach/ocean lovers and this was THE BEST way to see what Kauai had to offer from up above with NO DOORS ... then focus on doing what we love most: beaching it ALL day every day!!

Karen R - May, 2022

Great experience here in Kauai! Highly recommend! Staff friendly and helpful! Kelby our pilot was AWESOME!! And of all the offered tours this was the best price! I would give more than 5 stars if I could!!!!!!
Incredible Tour

Kathie T - May, 2022

The tour was incredible from beginning to end. Everyone was professional and safety conscious. This is a must do if you visit Kauai, otherwise you won’t get the full majesty of the island. Our pilot did a great job describing the landscape and getting us the best views. Highly recommend!
Doors Off is the Way to Go

Tmwsf  - May, 2022

This was the highlight of our trip. We got to see so much of the island that we could not have otherwise seen. There were so many waterfalls, cliffs, and beautiful beaches. Adam was a great pilot. I couldn’t hear everything he was saying through the headphones, but I didn’t really care because I was too busy oohhing and aaahing at the sights.