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Trip advisor only goes up to 5. We would say 10!

pargirl2016 - March 19, 2023

50th Anniversary trip. What can you say about seeing beautiful Kauai from up in the air? Only that it was awesome! Our pilot Nick was so knowledgeable and we felt very safe even with the doors off. FYI… it’s windy but they give you everything you need…. Jackets, goggles, headsets so you can hear Nick, and they buckle you in so tight you almost can’t move! It was worth every penny!
Must to in Kauai

Excursion180422 - March 14, 2023

There are places you can never see any other way. I was nervous since I had never been in a helicopter but not one second of fear once we got off the ground - just too much to see to think about anything else !!
If the doors come off; take them off!

Jodi N - March 10, 2023

How can you not give 5 stars when taking a helicopter flight!? My husband doesn't exactly enjoy heights and he had a middle seat. (He was fine but probably would have preferred doors) I had the outside which was amazing. We had pilot Nick who played music and shared his knowledge of the island. You can purchase a very affordable video and picture of your flight so put your phone down and enjoy the ride! They do provide a cell phone lanyard and wind breaker. Wear pants if you get cold easily. I wore shorts in March and was just fine, however I am from Wisconsin and the cold doesn't bother midwesterners. I would say that this is a must-do when visiting Kauai. Seeing the Napali coast by helicopter was spiritual. We even flew inside the cul de sac of a volcano! I would take this flight again 100%
Experience on doors off helicopter tour

Susan D - March 7, 2023

This was amazing!!! Steve the pilot was the best !!! Everything about this experience was top notch. Video was spectacular. Thanks for a great time!!
Special thanks to Chelsea!

Mike U - March 6, 2023

Special thanks to Chelsea! My wife, Jill, has mobility difficulties and Chelsea was so helpful. The waterfalls were exceptionally beautiful, as it rained heavily the night before. Thank you Mother Nature!
Go Doors Off!

Dano - March 3, 2023

Awesome tour! Doors off is definitely the way to go—the views are so expansive! And our pilot Nick was the best! He was so knowledgeable about the island and made us feel so relaxed and comfortable on a windy day.
My girlfriend enjoyed every moment

gcshamman - March 3, 2023

Awesome experience and totally worth it. This is the way to see Kauai. Beautiful experience. My girlfriend was a little scared to be on the edge of the helicopter with no door but within minutes she was soaring like a bird and looking constantly over the edge. We had the sky lord as our pilot and he was a nice cool person. Great ride.

CathleenGB - March 1, 2023

There are no words to describe the breathtaking views this tour gives you. We have been appreciating Kaua’i’s beauty as we drive and hike around the island but the ‘doors off’ experience was beyond amazing.
Must do!

Mamatresrn - June 30, 2023

Super efficient company with great customer service, organization, and concern for your safety as their clients The scenery from the air is unparalleled and breathtakingly beautiful. Absolutely worth doing!
Experience of a lifetime...DOORS OFF!!!!

Cheryl P -  June 22, 2023

We did doors off and that was the best decision!! You can see so much more and you still feel safe! We had to wait for the rain to pass but it made the experience so much better. Rainbows and waterfalls! Best to do it on first day in Kauai so you see where to go visit the rest of your stay. All of the staff was incredible, super friendly and knowledgeable!! This is a must do and definitely the doors off!!!!! Incredible experience!!!!! Gorgeous scenery everywhere you look!!!!