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He was so informative and created an amazing experience

Jessica Paxton - May 23rd, 2022

We did the 50 minute experience with Kelby and had so much fun! He was so informative and created an amazing experience. Seriously in awe of the beauty that we got to see as a part of this flight. The rest of the office staff was great too. Would highly recommend doing this experience!
Amazing !

Eric Imbert - May 20th, 2022

It was fantastic ! Amazing views all above Kaua’i and the doors off are a really bonus … instead of a loss 😋 You have to chose them if you can !

tjoiett - May 20th, 2022

It is so hard to find words for this flight! It was amazing, wonderful, awesome, fun and ofcourse just GREAT! Thank you Air Kauai for making this flight a memory for life for both me and my husband! Also a ten star rating to the pilot. He is the best ever! From two very pleased Swedish passengers! Pia and Claes!
Amazing views

radams26 - May 19th, 2022

We had a great time. There were some amazing views that you just can't get from the ground. Highly recommend Air Kauai for a helicopter ride. Friendly people and a great pilot. The video you can buy afterwards was great too. Thank you, Air Kauai!
One of the most amazing and also scariest things I've ever done. Would do again!

Monaco8888 - May 18th, 2022

Amazing - I've also never been as scared in my life sitting on the edge. Warning there aren't any grab handles in the back seat, when the helicopter banks to the side you need to trust that one seatbelt buckle with your life. :)
ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. A time my husband and I will never forget.

Tori Beth L. Snoad - May 16th, 2022

5/5!! Absolutely incredible & great flight. Our guide, Brodi, was so cool and new the lay of the land nicely. Very safe & extremely fun!! HIGHLY recommend. The price is up there, but it is SO worth the extra money.
Pure majesty

neuronsarecool - May 16th, 2022

My husband and I took the Jurassic Falls Landing tour this morning and were absolutely blown away. We both teared up as we descended through the valley to land at the falls - and that was just in the first 20 minutes of the tour. The views of the whole island were so spectacular, and our pilot Brody expertly described the sights, history, and facts about the different parts of the island. He circled back on key landmarks to give everyone a view regardless of which side they were seated on. The views of the Napali coast were unreal. At least 3 people on our tour had tears in our eyes by the latter half of the tour, the experience was so beautiful.
Just book it!

Alex R - May 15th, 2022

We did a helicopter tour with Brodie. It was a breathtaking experience. Brodie is a native that is very knowledgeable, experienced, & friendly. It's something that was worth every dollar & then some. I would HIGHLY recommend this as it is the best way to see the island of Kauai. Landing at Jurassic Falls was a highlight, but the coast lines, the different land profiles, waterfalls, etc. made it an unforgettable experience.
Well organized, fun, and unique

Bonnie G - May 14th, 2022

We did the Jurassic Falls helicopter tour with Brody. He was wonderful because even though he does it over and over again, you can tell he enjoys it and and is invested in you having an enjoyable and educational trip Stopping at the falls I stead of just flying by is so worth it.
Breathtaking view of Kauai

jansumner2022 - May 11th, 2022

My husband and I had an amazing experience with Air Kauai flying over the island. The staff and the pilot Brodie were helpful, friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Listening to the pilot’s love for Kauai and respect to its existence was heard in his voice as he educated us on the history of the island and the points of beauty & ancestry that can only be seen from the air. Exciting and Spiritual experience. Thank you Air Kauai!