Why Choose Air Kauai

We believe in the power of flight to bring people together, creating fun and memorable experiences away from the distractions of modern life.

Our People

Fun & Friendly

At Air Kauai, your unforgettable adventure begins long before takeoff. From the moment you step into our terminal at Lihue Heliport, you'll feel the warmth of our fun and friendly team. Our professional staff greet every passenger with genuine aloha spirit, assisting with check-in and answering any questions as you relax in our comfortable terminal. We're not just a tour company; we're your hosts, ensuring every part of your experience is enjoyable and welcoming.

Our Pilots

Are Top Notch

Our pilots are not just skilled aviators; they are storytellers and experts in Kauai’s rich history and natural beauty. Trained to the exacting standards set by Steve Egger, our Chief Pilot since 1988, they bring thousands of hours of flight experience to every tour. Their deep knowledge and passion transform each flight into a captivating journey, offering insights into Kauai’s geology, flora, and fauna as you soar above its stunning landscapes.

Our Priority

Quality & Safety

In aviation, quality and safety are paramount, and at Air Kauai, we set the gold standard. Owned and operated by the same dedicated team behind Air Maui, we boast a flawless 25-year safety record. This achievement is no accident; it’s the result of rigorous training, meticulous maintenance, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our FAA-certified and factory-trained mechanics inspect and maintain our helicopters daily, ensuring every component meets the highest safety standards. Our philosophy is simple and uncompromising: “If it’s not perfect, it doesn’t fly.”

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Book your adventure with us today and experience the magic of Kauai from above. Let Air Kauai make your next journey unforgettable.

Don't Believe Us, Believe Them

"From start to finish, the whole staff were phenomenal.

— Avery Woodmansee

Air Kauai Testimonial